03 February 2006

Site Update: 3rd February 2006

Over 60 new resources have been added to the site in this week's bumper update. They're all marked with an orange NEW symbol. Full details are below. A lot of the subject areas have been tidied up and reorganised slightly this week and there are some new downloads on the Primary Extra site for registered customers.

MATHS: Around the World (ppt) / Make a clock face / Tessellation / The Best Deal (+n) Y4 (Smart) / Heavier or Lighter Y2 / Numeracy Vocab / Multiplication Trios x3 / Multiplication Trios x4 / Numeracy STP / Place Value in Decimals Y4/5 / Percentages Y4/5
ENGLISH: 'sc' and 'sk' / Hercules Poem / Reading Bookmarks / Literacy STP / Guided Reading Planning Frame / Storyplan / Prepositions / Speech Writing / Phonics Test 'o-e' 'ow' 'er'
SCIENCE: Earth, Sun & Moon / My Science Investigation / The Water Cycle (Writing Frames) / The Planets Y5/6
HISTORY: Queen Boudicca / Boudicca Questions
GEOGRAPHY: High Street Survey / Grid References (Smart) / Palmer Isles / St. Lucia Quiz (ppt)
ART: The Life of Andre Derain
RE: The Destruction of the Temple and the Western Wall / Inspiration People
MLF: French: Animals 1 / French: Animals 2 / French: Animals Flash Cards / French: Animal Domino Cards / French: Rooms / French: Rooms Flash Cards / French: Room Furniture / German: Animal Matching / German: Animal Wordsearch / German: Animal Flash Cards / German: Colour Matching / German: Weather Activity / German: Wordsearch / German: Weather Flashcards / German: Greetings and Goodbyes / French: Colour Flash Cards / French: Bedroom Match Up / French: Menu / French: Weather Match Up / French: Class Things (ppt) / French: In Town (ppt) / French: Weather (ppt) / French: Fruit (ppt) / French: Countries (ppt) / French: Shops (ppt) / French: Transport (ppt)
FOUNDATION: Lesson: Animal Prints
OTHER: Book Labels