09 February 2006

Site Update: 9th February 2006

Over 50 new resources have been added to the site in this, the last update until after half term. The new resources are marked with a green NEW symbol. Full details are below.

MATHS: Reading Scales - Capacity (Smart) / Capacity & Time Word Problems (Smart) / Area of Shapes Made from Rectangles (Smart) / Perimeter (Smart) / Tardis Timetable (Smart) / Using a Protractor (ppt) / Ordinal Numbers (Smart) Rec/Y1 / Recognising Right Angles / What is the Time? / Colour the Fish: Subtraction / Colours the Fish: Addition / 9x Table Wordsearch / Angles on a Straight Line (ppt) / Mental Addition (Smart) / Information Handling (Smart)
ENGLISH: Suffixes: ing (Smart) / Plurals: -s or -es (Smart) / Cindersmella (Jumbled Sentences) / Useful Adjectives for Story Settings / The Beach Story Setting / Apostrophe Words / Comparing Disney's Hercules with the Greek Myth of Heracles / Collins Literacy Scheme Support Sheets x15 / More Arthurian Legends Activity Ideas
SCIENCE: Healthy Eating (ppt) / Keeping Warm (4c) Lesson Plans / Keeping Warm (4 Lessons) (ppt)
HISTORY: The 6 Wives of Henry VII (Smart) / The Golden Hinde Poem / The Norman Conquest / Which Strategy is Best? (Addition) / My Timeline
GEOGRAPHY: Australia Project
PE: PE Starter Survey
FOUNDATION: Lesson: Animal Masks
MUSIC: Brass Instruments / Percussion Instruments