31 March 2006

Site Update: 31st March 2006

There's been about 60 new resources added this week (marked with a red new symbol) and also 21 new images in the photograph section. Full details are below.

MATHS: What Fraction is Shaded? (ppt), Lines of Symmetry (ppt), Bar Charts (ppt) Y3/4 / Problem Solving Y4 LA (2b), Pictograms: Happy Hat Land Y1/2 (Smart), Bar Charts: Smarties Y1/2 (Smart), Multiplying and Dividing by 10 (ppt) Y5, Fractions WWtbaM (ppt), Red Clowns Problem Solving (Activ), Build the Fraction Wall (Activ), Narnia Position and Direction (ppt), Sorting Odd and Even Numbers (KS1), The Strongest Link (Spring Term Y3), Narnia Bar Charts (ppt), Turns Y2 (Smart), Fractions Board Y3/4, Equivalent Fractions Match Up Y3/4, Fraction Word Problems Y3/4, Mass Word Problems Y3/4, Weight Estimation, Capacity Estimation, Jewellery Shop Money Problems
ENGLISH: Using a Dictionary Y3, Adding -ing, Bubble Heads Speech (Activ), Chicken Run Apostrophes (Activ), Describing Characters (Activ), The Elves and the Shoemaker (Activ), Jack and the Beanstalk (Activ), Looking at Homonyms (Activ), The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Activ), Note Taking and Summary (Activ), Writing Alliterative Poetry (ppt), Caves (Descriptive Writing) (ppt)
SCIENCE: Rocks and Solils WWtbaM (ppt)
HISTORY: The Romans WWtbaM (ppt)ART: Sculptures Introduction (ppt)
MUSIC: Pulse Bubbles (Easiteach), Snappy Music Rhymic Skills (Activ), Exploring Pentatonic Scales (ppt)
D&T: Moving Toys (Cams),
ICT: Copy and Paste (from the Internet), Saving, Make Your Own Folder, Loading Publisher, Roamer Handout #2 Y2 (LA)
RE: The Christmas Story (Activ), Zacchaeus the Tax Collector Storyboard, Abraham Storyboard, The Twelve Disciples Storyboard, The Books in the Bible
OTHER: Christmas Co-ordinates (Activ), Help the Bunny (Easter Co-ordinates), Egg Symmetry
ASSEMBLY: Palm Sunday Assembly
WELSH: Weights kg/g Y4 (Activ)
PHOTOS: Additions this week... Science: Flowers (2), Art: Sculpture (1), Classroom Display Ideas: Maths (3), English (1), Science (1), PSHE (2), Art (4), History (4), ICT (2), Other (1)

30 March 2006

Power Up!

This site by EDF Energy has a great section for 7-11 year olds as well as material for teachers and parents. It's split up into three sections. The first focuses on electricity in the home, the second looks at electrical circuits and the final section has information about mains electricity. It's a super site with some excellent games and activities and is perfect to use to help cover the electricity units of the Key Stage 2 science curriculum.

29 March 2006

Digital Photography Competitions for Students

If your class likes photography there's two competitions that you may want to take a look at...

Shape the Future Photo Competition
To celebrate Brunel's 200th Birthday the Royal Academy of Engineering are running a photo competition in association with the Young Engineers club network. Entries should show how engineering and technology improves lives. For full details see the link above. The closing date for this one isn't far away (April 24th) so you'll need to start work on this soon if you want to enter.

This digital photography competition is being run by the Times Education Supplement. The theme is identity and you've got until the end of August to submit entries. Click on the link to get more information.

Email of the Week

As my email address is on the main website I occasionally get strange messages from some of the people who visit the site.

In addition to the usual spam and letters asking if I can plug websites, a fair few people email in to ask if I can come up with a lesson for them (to teach in the interview or observation that they've got tomorrow!) or send letters asking me to send them everything I have on a certain topic.

This email that I received yesterday has got to win the 'Email of the Week' award...
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is *name removed to protect the guilty* and I am a student of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. I am currently on teaching practice and would be very grateful if you could send me any information at all. My address is...

Many thanks,

*name removed*

So you want any information at all? I thought I'd be nice and I sent her the information that you can find by clicking here. It's the only information that really seemed relevant :)

Electronic Big Books for Geography

Sammy the Seagull - LINK
A great book about Sammy's adventures at the seaside by Priory Fields School in Dover. Part of the Kent LEA site.

The Adventures of Steven Seagull - LINK
A northern seagull gets in on the action. This particular bird pays a visit to Morecombe in Lancashire.

Coastal Environments - LINK
Another superb book from Kent together with planning, resources and useful weblinks.

Looking at Sylhet, Bangladesh - LINK
A great non-fiction book on Bagladesh from the Birmingham grid which also includes some online activities.

28 March 2006


YHA have just launched their new Learn4Real website which aims to help eliminate the hassle of arranging school residential visits. There's information on over 80 YHA locations together with details of the YHA's curriculum linked courses, activities and excursions. The website also includes health and safety advice, a downloadable brochure and all the latest special offers.

I am an Artist

This Irish website aims to bring the visual arts to life and consists of 30 short TV programmes together with factsheets, weblinks and interactive games. There's lots of ideas and resources for both teachers and students along with examples of work by adult artists and children.

27 March 2006

ICT Games

I first came across Jim Barrett's fun games when they were on the Toftwood Infant School site many moons ago. ICT Games is the current home of his new material and is extremely useful, particularly for Key Stage 1 teachers. There really are some great games here so it's well worth a visit.

25 March 2006

On the Forums...

There's a few requests for help on the forums at the moment. Elaine Smith is looking for resources for the Indus Valley topic she has to do after half term. 'Quercynoise' is a secondary teacher with a 7 year old son. She's currently living in France but is moving back to the end of the year and would like to know how she can help her son with the UK curriculum. 'MrsSmith' is after websites or material on Reading Recovery. If you can help with any of these requests (or have a request of your own) then please pay the forums a visit.

24 March 2006

Site Update: 24th March 2006

There's been about 40 new resources added this week (marked with a green new symbol) and also 88 new images in the photograph section. Full details are below.

MATHS: Multiplication using the Grid Method (ppt) Y4/5 / Ration and Proportion Y6 LA / Pirate Map (Position and Direction) / Swim - Bike Ride Carroll Diagram / Mean, Median Mode & Range (ppt) / Reading Bar Charts (ppt) / Money Word Problems
ENGLISH: Jamil's Clever Cat - Puss in Boots Comparison / Silent Letters Scramble Cards / 'qu' words (Smart) / A Spell for Cinderella (Instructions) Y3 / Directions to the Little Pigs Houses Y3 / Suffixes _al (Smart)
SCIENCE: Evaporation - Condensation (Smart)
HISTORY: Elizabeth I (ppt) / The Spanish Armada (ppt) / Tudor Fashion (ppt) / Tudor Food (ppt) / Tudor Monarchs After Henry (ppt) / Tudor Sailors (ppt)
D&T: Design a Hand Puppet (KS1)
RE: Sikhism and Baisakhi (ppt)
ICT: Turtle Command Cards / Logo Standard Commands Worksheet / Animal Branching Database (ppt) / Animal Branching Database Worksheet
PSHE: Be Yourself Not a Lemming! (ppt) / Firework Safety (ppt)
OTHER: QCI Thinking, Patchwork Thinking, When-Then Thinking, Always-Never Thinking, Apollo Thinking, Bagpus Thinking, Orange Thinking, OXO Thinking, RISC Thinking
PHOTOS: Additions this week... Science: Flowers (26), Fruit and Vegetables (4), Birds (4), Mammals (5), Amphibians (4) , Insects (11), Plants (1), Art: Landscapes (4), Tracks (1), Statues (13), Geography: Landmarks (2), Mountains (1), Transport (2), Weather (10)

23 March 2006


Is your Internet favourites list getting out of control? Is it clogged up with old inactive links or full of duplicate entries? This free program might be just what you need. It goes through your Internet favourites (whether your browser of choice is Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera or Firefox) and removes duplicate and inactive entries.

Win a Website with Primary Teacher UK

I never need an incentive to check out the Primary Teacher UK blog as it's an easy way to keep up-to-date with the latest education news. If you've never paid them a visit before then now is the perfect time to do so as they're currently running a competition where you can win a website for your school!

22 March 2006

HMS Endurance Tracking Project

One of our contributors has been in touch to recommend a web site that she's found useful:
"My class love the HMS Endurance tracking project. We have been tracking Endurance's deployment as she sails to Antarctica and learning about her work with BAS (British Antarctic Survey). The online information is readable, very visual and there is even an email facility to contact the ship and ask a geography related question."

It looks like the ship is on its long journey back to Portsmouth at the moment. There's still plenty of interest on the site with some useful location factfiles and plenty of great pictures and other resources.

21 March 2006

I/O Brush

This has been around for a while now but I'd not come across it until I noticed someone mention it in a gadgets blog. It's a prototype for a digital painting tool aimed at children. The children use a device that the inventors say looks like a regular paintbrush (although it's bigger than any paintbrush I've ever come across) to capture colours, patterns and images from any object they want. Inside the giant paintbrush is a camera that grabs the images and the paintbrush is then used to paint onto a touch sensitive interactive whiteboard-style screen. It's worth visiting the site just to look at the video demonstration as it's quite amusing. I can see this sort of device being a lot of fun in a museum's visitors centre but I'm not completely sure of its long term educational use!

1001 Inventions

Subtitled 'Discover the Muslim Heritage in our World' this website is accompanied by a touring exhibition, a book, educational posters and a teachers pack. The site and teachers pack are aimed at secondary level students and teachers but there's plenty of interest here to prompt discussions in primary schools as well.


This is another great free program. Written by Swedish programmer Marianne Wartoft, Sebran will be particularly useful to those teaching early Key Stage 1 or SEN children. It consists of 12 numeracy/literacy activities that cover areas such as counting, simple addition & subtraction, multiplication, word recognition and initial letters. As with all software there's areas that could do with tweaking (such as the use of capital letters in certain place where I'm sure KS1 colleagues might prefer lowercase) but it is still a super program and would be particularly effective on a touch screen.

Marianne's site also includes several other free downloads include miniSebran (a collection of activities for even younger children), a phonics game, a geography game, vocabulary training programs and a poetry screen saver.

20 March 2006

Display Photographs

Thanks to everyone who has completed our Primary Resources survey so far. The results have been very interesting and there's also been lots of great suggestions for additions and improvements to the site. I'm going to keep the survey up until the end of the month so keep those responses coming in please! :)

One of the common suggestions was for a section on display ideas. I've not included this in the past for a couple of reasons. 1. I thought that people might prefer to submit these to other resources sites. 2. I haven't really received any submissions!

The same rules go as for any new section... if you want to see it then I need to have some submissions! So feel free to send me any photographs of classroom displays that you are particularly proud of.

Pivot Stick Figure Animator

This great little free program by Peter Bone allows you to create and animate your own stick figures. Simply drag the parts of the stick figure around to create each frame and play the frames back to watch your animation. It's lots of fun and your class will love it!

17 March 2006

Site Update: 17th March 2006

The update this week contains over 40 new resources (they're all marked with an orange new symbol). We've also added the facility to be able to search the site using Google technology. You'll find a search box at the bottom of most pages or you can access the search engine by clicking on the link on the navigation bar on the left hand side of the site pages. Please note that it will take Google a little while to add the new resources below to the site search.

I'd be grateful if as many people as possible could give us feedback about the site (and how you use it) by responding to our site survey and don't forget you can discuss the site, share resources and request help through the Primary Resources Forums.

MATHS: Pairs that make 10 (ppt), Rotating Shapes about a Vertex Y6 (Smart), Money - Change (Y1/Y2), Hidden Word (Multiplication 9x), Adding More or Less Y1 (ppt), Co-ordinates Y3/4 (ppt), Fractions of Shapes and Amounts (ppt), Order the Angles, Half Past Times (ppt), Ordinal Numbers Y1 (ppt), Writing Ordinal Numbers Y1 (ppt), Fractions Problems Y2
ENGLISH: Sight Words (ppt), Explanatory Text: Volcanoes (ppt), How Honey is Made, Facts or Opinions in Advertising (ppt), CVC 'o' Words, CVC 'e' Words, CVC 'i' Words, 'sk' Words, 'lp' and 'mp' Words, Creative Writing: Star Stories (ppt), Verbs (Past Present Future) Y3, Historical Recounts (ppt)
SCIENCE: Condensation Quiz (ppt)
HISTORY: World War II Timeline Activity (3 Levels), Tudor Sports (ppt),
ART: What a Performance (6B) Evaluation Sheet
MFL: German Medium Term Planning Unit 1 (Y2/3), German Lesson 1 (Numbers), German Lesson 2 (Numbers), German Number Flashcards (0-12), German Numbers Group Activity, French At the Doctors (ppt), German Lesson3 (Numbers), German Maths
RE: The Quran (ppt)
ICT: Roamer Handout (LA) Y2
D&T: Evaluation Sheet / Product Analysis / Slippers Fixing Analysis
OTHER: Mini Sticker/Stamp Collection Cards / Thinking Skills Questions
PHOTOS: Additions this week... History: Ancient Greece (7)

16 March 2006

Animal WebCams

Here's a selection of animal webcams from different zoos, museums and other attractions around the world. I put the list together for a past project so I thought I may as well post it here.

You may have to wait until it's daytime in particular time zones to see anything on some of them and some of your school or LEA firewalls may block the feeds from certain sites. Some of the sites also require small plug-in downloads/installs.

Naturecams from the National History Museum (including an antcam, a pondcam and a flesh eating beetlecam!) [UK]

A webcam in the African aviary of the Welsh Mountain Zoo [UK]

Giant Panda Cam from Atlanta Zoo. Restricted hours. [US]

Panda Cam and Tropical Bird House Cam from the Mephis Zoo. (Controllable) [US]

Polar Bear Cam, Ape Cam, Elephant Cam and Panda Cam from the Sandiego Zoo. They work at night as well! [US]

A massive 17 webcams from the Smithsonian National Zoo! [US]

Elephant Cam from Toledo Zoo. [US]

Elephant and Rhino Cam from the Indianapolis Zoo. [US]

Seal Cam. I can't remember where this one came from... but it works and you can get some nice views of the seals. (Controllable)

Gatorland's Gator Cam. Restricted hours. (Controllable) [US]

Lots of different animal cameras in Africa. [Africa]

Macaw Parrot webcam. Restricted hours. [Belgium]

Possibly the best site for webcams around the world. Well worth checking out for geography work.

15 March 2006

The Commonwealth Games Blog

This site is a joint project between schools in Australia, Canada, Guernsey and Scotland. The students had written a lot of articles in advance of the games starting so it'll be interesting to see what they come up with now the events are about to begin.

Kayte's Kards Updated

Several great new designs of handmade cards have been added to our sister site and at the moment postage is free on all orders. Click on the link above to check visit the site.

Dave Gorman on Flickr

One of my favourite comedians Dave Gorman has written an article on the excellent Flickr photo sharing site. Click here to read his article for the Guardian and click here to see his own photographs.

Global Eye Primary

The Global Eye Primary website contains material about global issues that tie in with the UK national curriculum. Issue 11 (the current Spring 2005 issue) features articles on Mumbai and also on waste and recycling. The ten previous issues are available through the website and they include reports on places from Mexico to the Sahara and articles on everything from climate change to sports and pastimes.

14 March 2006

Free Spring Pack from Widgit

I've had an email from Widgit software telling me about their free 'Spring Pack 2' download. It consists of 14 activities for KS1, KS2 and Special School students. They're quite fun and are worth looking at particularly if you've never come across Widgit's Rebus Symbols before. There's more details about the symbols, the free download, their software packages and other downloads on the Widgit website.

Word Week at Propellerhead

Tech site Propellerhead are featuring handy tips for Microsoft Word this week so if you use the program as much as me then you might want to pop over and check the site out. While you're there have a browse through some of their past articles where they explain everything from how to customise your keyboard to how to make a paper aeroplane on your PC.

Object Lessons

This great little site contains images of about 200 or so objects from the Islington Artefacts Library. Split into the areas of childhood, work, health, clothes, homes, conflicts and cultures they are extremely useful for history lessons. There's lots of interesting information about each object and teaching resources for each time period (which consist of lots of useful weblinks and ten things that you can do with the objects).

13 March 2006

Google Mars

Not content with bringing you an interactive map of the entire Earth, Google is commemorating the birthday of Percival Lowell (who produced many sketches of the planet's surface) by letting you explore the surface of the 'red planet' Google maps style! Switch between elevation map, visual map and infrared map mode and zoom in to get a better view.

Tate Learning

The Tate Learning website is a great resource for teachers and students, both those who can make it to one of the Tate's galleries in the UK and those that can't. There's plenty of information, activity ideas and games included on the site. I've just been having a go at the Memento Mori games and the Case of the Mysterious Object (which is great if you're looking at sculpture in art).

11 March 2006

Primary Resources Survey

Tell us what you think of Primary Resources and win a £20 Amazon gift voucher!

We're always looking to improve the site and make it more useful for you to use. In order to keep doing this we're asking readers to tell us a little about how they use the site, where they use the site and how it helps with their planning. The survey shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to complete so I'd be really grateful if you could find the time to take part.

Everyone who leaves an email address will be entered into a draw for a £20 (or equivalent) Amazon gift voucher for the Amazon region store of their choice. Emails will be discarded once the draw has been made, we're treating all the answers as anonymous.

Click here to open the survey

Things already on the 'to do list' include a site search facility and improved labelling of the resources in the maths section (although that's a job for the summer, I think).

10 March 2006

Mr Belshaw's Teaching Blog

Doug Belshaw is a secondary school history teacher whose teaching blog I've just come across. It makes very interesting reading even for primary specialists like us. Of even more interest is Doug's Edupress blogging/website creation tool. Based on the popular Wordpress program it's free to download and use. It looks good and I'll certainly be looking at it in more detail.

SEN Teacher

This site has been on our main links page for years but I thought I'd give it a mention here for those of you who haven't come across it before. Run by special needs teacher Simon Evans, the site contains lots of free downloadable programs and printable resources that are very useful for special schools, children with SEN or just younger students in general. It's not been update for a while but it's still well worth checking out.

09 March 2006

Site Update: 9th March 2006

The update this week contains over 30 new resources (marked with a blue new symbol) and also adds two new sections. Users of the site can now discuss teaching issues, request help and share ideas in the Primary Resources Forums. There's also a new resource in the form of the Primary Resources Photos section, a collection of images linked to national curriculum areas. As always contributions to these new sections are most welcome.

MATHS: England Football Squad Averages, Nearest Wins Place Value Game (Smart), Times Tables Tests, Multiplication is Commutative (ppt), Time (ppt), Mass (ppt), Direction and Angle (ppt), Multiplying by 9 and 11, Numeracy Lesson Plan, 2-Step Number Problems Y3
ENGLISH: Rap Poetry Introduction (ppt), Poetry: The Poplar Field (ppt), Formal Letter Spidergram
HISTORY: Tudor Artefacts, Egyptian Quiz WWtbaM (ppt), The Celts (ppt), Hever Castles (Tudors), Roman Relaxation (ppt),
PE: The Fish Game,
FOUNDATION: Nursery Half Term Planning - Toys, Nursery Weekly Plan - Toys,
MFL: French Numbers (ppt), French Rainbow (ppt), French Wrong Colour Flashcards, French Colour Dots Flashcards, French General Word Wordsearch,
RE: Ash Wednesday (ppt),
ICT: Superlogo Procedures (ppt),
ASSEMBLY: Sir Isaac Newton Assembly, Sir Isaac Newton Rap,
PHOTOS: Additions this week... English: Newspaper Reports (9), Caves (6), Narnia (5) - Science: Birds (1), Mammals (8), Plants (1), Trees (4) - History: Castles (1), Romans (10), Victorian Objects (12), ss Great Britain (10) - Geography: Mountains (6), Rivers (2), Seasons (6) - Art: Sculpture (7), Chairs (2) - RE: Churches and Cathedrals (3)

08 March 2006

Oxfam's Free Guide to Global Citizenship

Oxfam have just sent me details of their new free guide for teachers on Global Citizenship...

"Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools is a new free booklet for teachers that introduces the key elements of Education for Global Citizenship, and clearly sets out how teachers can incorporate this into their teaching and across their school.

It is a fully revised and updated version of our ground-breaking Curriculum for Global Citizenship booklet, first published in 1997 and distributed to more than 47,000 teachers in the UK and abroad.

This accessible, practical guide includes:
· activities for teachers to explore with colleagues what Education for Global Citizenship means
· case studies of schools which have integrated Education for Global Citizenship across their curriculum and ethos, and the positive impacts it has had on their pupils
· Education for Global Citizenship activities that can be adapted for
use in many curriculum areas, with a wide range of age groups and ability levels.

For more information and to order your free copy visit

Show Me

Show Me is the 24 Hour Museum's section for students aged 4 to 11. It pulls together material from UK museum and gallery websites and groups them according to topics of interest. There's plenty of games to look at, information to read and ideas for places to visit out of school.

(The 24 Hour Museum (http://www.24hourmuseum.org.uk/) is itself well worth checking out as it features news from museums and galleries around the UK, links to websites and educational resources, trails and a comprehensive what's on guide.)

07 March 2006

Turning the Pages

This excellent site from the British Library has digitised versions of fifteen important books from their archives. It's best viewed with a broadband Internet connection and you actually get to 'turn' the pages of the virtual books to read them. A magnifying glass is on hand to view the texts a little closer (although I wish it magnified a little more on some of the books, especially the atlas).

Books that will be particularly useful for primary teachers are the Lindisfarne Gospels (for Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings) and the original Alice by Lewis Carroll (handwritten and with his original illustrations).

06 March 2006

Headline History

Headline History is a super free site by Northcliffe Electronic Publishing and funded by Culture Online. Students can explore British History through 'historical' newspapers. The time periods available are the Romans, the Tudors, the Victorians and World War 2. Each newspaper is packed full of articles and information about the time. Students can also write their own articles using the interviews and quotes on the site. The interviews are presented as videos so it's like talking to the historical characters directly! The creators of the site also arrange 'hot seat chats' where students can log in to talk to historical characters. Totally brilliant! Check it out now. :)

[I'd not come across this site before but it was mentioned in a discussion on the Education Media website that I linked to last week. Thanks to Chris for flagging it up.]

05 March 2006

More Photographs...

More sites for useful educational photographs and images...

Andrew Ross has mentioned our new photograph sharing section in his Primary Teacher UK Blog and has also linked to another great site for stock photographs, Stock.xchng.

Another place you may want to check out for royalty free photographs for your presentations is the eRiding Media Library. They've got a huge collection of curriculum linked material there.

In a past blog entry I've also mentioned the Dorling Kindersley free clip art site. The images there do have restrictions on what you can do with them but you are allowed to use them to create resources for use in your own classroom.

03 March 2006


Talking of photographs, Flikr has got to be the best place to check out some amazing pictures. Creating an account and uploading your own is free but one of the best things I like about it is being able to look at what everyone else has put online. Flikr have a great feature where they pick out the most interesting photographs each day and some of these make great discussion subjects or creative writing stimulus.

New Photographs Section of the Site (Beta)

I'm currently testing out a new section of the site at the moment. It will contain useful photographs/images that have been contributed by teachers to the site.

The idea is to create a bank of images that teachers and students can use in their own presentations without having to worry about copyright issues. I've put a selection of images from my personal collection in the galleries to start things off but any more would be most gratefully received.

Please note that you must actually own the copyright on the photographs you are contributing (i.e. you must have taken the pictures or been given permission to submit them by the person who did take them). Any contributions can be emailed to the usual address (gareth@primaryresources.co.uk)

02 March 2006

Links from the Blog: July 2005 - February 2006

I've compiled a list of all the sites I've linked to in this blog between July last year and February this year. You can view the list of links by clicking here.

Great British Design Quest

The BBC's Culture Show and the Design Museum have been organising a vote to discover the public's favourite British design icon. It's about to reach the final stage with voting opening on the top 3 tonight. The Top 10 & Top 25 design icons are listed on the site above and they make interesting viewing. Many of the icons (and the information on the site about them) would provide an interesting starting point for discussions about design in D&T lessons in a similar way to the Icons website that I've mentioned in a previous Blog entry.

01 March 2006

Primary Resources Forums (Beta)

Primary Resources originally had its own forums which used to be a very popular place for users of the site to share teaching ideas and help each other. They disappeared several years ago when we moved hosting companies. I've just added a new message board to the site as part of a trial to see if users would still like an area where they can discuss topics with each other.

I'll be publicising the forums a bit more next week (with proper links on the main site rather than just the current one on the homepage) but feel free to pay them a visit now and start some discussions. :)

Site Update: 1st March 2006

100 new resources have been added to the site in this update. My thanks go to everyone who has taken the time to contribute material. The new resources are marked with a red NEW symbol. Full details are below.

MATHS: Missing Angles Y6 (ppt) / Symmetrical Patterns (ppt) / Equivalent to a half (ppt) / Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (display/cards) / Angles Display / Fractions - Halves (ppt) / Dora (Number sums to 10) / Animals Pictogram and Tally Chart Y1-2 / Follow Me: 2x / Follow Me: 4x / Follow Me: 6x / Follow Me: 9x / Counter Game (Smart) / Y5 T2 Unit 1 (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 2 (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 3 (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 4 (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 5a (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 5b (ppt) / Y5 T2 Unit 7 (ppt) / Measure Situations
ENGLISH: Contraction Twins (ppt) / Magic Box Poem Writing Frame / Silent Letters (Smart) / Plurals (Smart) / Bath Instructions (Smart) / Suffixes: -less -ful / Suffixes: er and est Y3 (Smart) / CVC 'a' Words / 'ld' and 'nd' Words / 'lk' and 'nk' Words / 'ph' and 'wh' Words / Persuasive Writing Notes / Compound Words / ORT Comprehension Stage 5 / ORT Comprehension Stage 6 / ORT Comprehension Stage 7 / ORT Comprehension Stage 8 / ORT Comprehension Stage 9 / Fire Report (ppt)
SCIENCE: Water Resistance Y4 (ppt) / Transparent, Translucent & Opaque KS1 (ppt) / Touch Experiments KS1 / The Moon Y6 (ppt) / Food Chains / Testing Materials (Light) / Gases Fact Sheet / Circuits - Will They Work? (Smart) / Will it Work? / Earthworms (ppt) / Ants (ppt) / Air Resistance
HISTORY: Boudicca (ppt) / Drake and the Golden Hinde / Aztecs History Project Y4-5 / Cortes and the Aztecs (Drama) / The Battle of Marathon (Drama) / Viking Vocab Flashcards / Viking Houses / The Life and Family of Henry VIII
GEOGRAPHY: Mountain Environment (ppt) / Weather Around the World Research / Crops in Chembakolli (ppt)
PE: Assessment Sheets Levels 1-5 / Orienteering Planning (Half Term) / The Rope Game /
D&T: Exploring Shelters
FOUNDATION: s-m-c Lotto / Ordering Numbers Diwas / Counting Hearts / Robot Wires / Longest & Shortest / Cars (ordering 10-20) / Cards (ordering 1 - 10) / Counting Spiders / Sorting Minibeasts / Butterfly Ordering / Nursery: Twinkle Twinkle Weekly Plan
MFL: French: Monster Faces (ppt) / French: Multiple Choice Quiz / French: Colour Match / French: Directions Vocabulary / French: Mardi Fras (ppt)
RE: The Parable of the Sheep & Goats (ppt) / Islam Quiz / Moses (x2) / Sikhism Quiz / Lent Webquest
PSHE: Going for Goals / Parliament / Put Ups and Put Downs
OTHER: Reward Cards
ASSEMBLY: Love (St. Valentine's) Assembly
ART: A Portrait of My Hand Unit
ICT: Junior Control Insight 2 Worksheets