English Homework:
Are We There Yet?

© 1998 Gareth Pitchford

"Are we there yet?" is a phrase young children often say on long car journeys.

I would like you to imagine a family that is going on holiday. They are inside their car driving down the motorway. Imagine what is happening in the car. Think about what they might be doing and what they might be talking about.

What I want you to do is write down part of this car journey. Instead of writing it as a story I would like you to write it in the form of a script. Imagine that you are writing it as part of a TV programme.

Think about what the children might want to know about the holiday. How might they behave on a long car journey? What are their parents doing?

Start off your script with..

Julie: Are we there yet?

Dad: [glancing backwards] No!

Julie: When will we get there?

End your script with.

Julie: Are we there yet?