English Homework:
Characters in TV programmes

©1998 Gareth Pitchford

What is your favourite TV programme? What is your favourite drama, comedy or cartoon on TV? Choose one of your favourite programmes to write about this week. I would like you to think about the people (or animals etc.) in your programme. They are the characters. Write down a list of all the characters that you can remember.

Which of the characters on your list is the character that the programme is really about (the main character)? Which of the characters on your list are in the programme every week? Which ones only appear every so often? Which characters have only appeared once? (I'm presuming that the programme is only on once a week)

Draw up a table with the following headings and write each character in the column in which you think they fit best. Use the headings:- Characters that appear every week, Characters that appear every so often, and Characters that have only been in the programme once.