An ADJECTIVE is a describing word. It gives more information to your sentences, making them more interesting to read.

Task One.

Look at this list of words.

Copy out all the adjectives into your book.

There are 12 adjectives altogether.

Sprint Fast Chase Gold Tasty
Smooth Climb Wind Vicar Kind
Shady Close Sour Dress Fierce
Silk Round Blazing Catch Rough

Task Two.

Choose the correct adjective from the bracket to complete each sentence.

  1. I had a (cold/heavy) drink with my dinner.
  2. The baby was very (small/blue).
  3. The lemon had a (helpful/sour) taste to it.
  4. Last winter it was really (cold/fast.)
  5. The tiger (roared/laughed) loudly.
  6. The sky was a beautiful (green/blue) colour.

Task Three.

Fill each gap with a suitable adjective.

  1. A lovely ………
  2. A naughty ………
  3. A sunny ………..
  4. A wide ………..
  5. A quiet ………….
  6. A clean …………

Task Four.

Copy these sentences, adding an adjective into each one to make the sentence complete.

  1. Peter opened the …. Parcel.
  2. "Look at the ….. sea."
  3. There are some …… children outside.
  4. "Be careful outside," said Ray, "there’s a …… wind."
  5. It appeared there had been a ….. accident.
  6. Please wait by the ….. tree.
  7. There was an …….. giant in the story.
  8. "Please hand out the ……. Books." said Mr. Cockcroft.



Copy this passage carefully into your books.

Underline the nouns in one colour, verbs in another and the adjectives in a different colour.

The children walked down the sandy beach. The warm sand felt wonderful on their bare feet. The tiny grains crept through their toes; tickling them gently and making them smile. It was a beautiful day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. The boys ran on ahead like wild animals. The girls laughed at them and commented on how silly they looked. They laughed so hard they fell to the floor with a thud.