Literacy Hour - Adverbs

Task Three. Changing adjectives forms adverbs. Change these adjectives into adverbs.
Set them out in your books like this: Deep becomes deeply. Humble becomes humbly. Happy becomes happily.

a. clever b. glad c. proud d. slow e. light f. simple
g. terrible h. sensible i. hungry j. lucky k. heavy l. angry


Task Four. Use each of these verbs as the centre of an adverb web where the words coming off the verbs are adverbs that can apply to the verb.

Eat sing talk run

Extension. Copy this passage into your books. You will need to fully punctuate it and underline all the adverbs.

The children were throwing things running shouting and laughing what a noise mr pitchford walked quickly down the corridor he stormed angrily into the room mr pitchford shouted loudly the noise stopped suddenly the children slowly returned to their seats and got quietly on with their work.