Check-up Adverbs, Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs

Task One

Fill in the missing word as you copy out these four sentences.

Missing words verb, adjective, noun, and adverb.

  1. An --------- is a describing word. It tells us more about a noun.
  2. A ------ is a naming word. It can be the name of a person, place or thing.
  3. A ------ is a doing word. Every sentence must have one of these.
  4. An ------ tells us more about the verb.

Task Two – Verbs

Look at this list of verbs:

caught planted shouted chased carried sailed

crawled typed.

Copy the sentences, choosing the most appropriate verb to fill the space.

  1. The injured squirrel -------- up to the tree.
  2. Dad -------- the suitcases from the boot of the taxi.
  3. The class ------- the seeds to see how they would grow for an experiment.
  4. Mr Pitchford -------- the story onto the computer.
  5. Liam -------- at the top of his voice.
  6. To get to Ireland, we --------- across a rather choppy ocean!
  7. The nasty dog --------- the children right out of the garden.
  8. The heron ------ the fish away in its beak.

Task Three – Nouns

Copy these sentences, adding a noun onto each one to make the sentence complete.

For example A blue chair.

  1. A red ------.
  2. The brown -------.
  3. Lovely golden -------.
  4. There was nothing but an empty ------.
  5. A tiny, soft --------.
  6. The warm --------.
  7. A group of tall -------.
  8. A silly, foolish ---------.

Task Four – Adjectives

Copy these sentences, adding an adjective into each one to make the sentences complete.

For example The powerful lion pounced.

  1. Peter opened the ------ parcel.
  2. "Look at the ------ sea."
  3. There are some --------- children around.
  4. "Be careful outside," said Fred, "there’s a ------- wind."
  5. It looked like there had been a -------- accident.
  6. "Go and wait by the ------ trees over there."
  7. There was an ------- giant in our storybook.
  8. "Please hand out the ------- books." Said Mr Cockcroft.

Task Five

Next to each of these adjectives write the appropriate adverb. Next to the adverbs write the appropriate adjective.

Adjective Adverb

Clever Cleverly











Choose four pairs of adjectives/adverbs from the list in task five and write a sentence for each in your books.