Literacy Task - Apostrophes

There are two types of apostrophe, one shows there is a letter (or letters) missing, one shows possession (that an object belongs to somebody or something) e.g. That is becomes that's when the letter I is missed out The girl's pens. The apostrophe shows the pens belong to the girl.

Task One.

Here is a list of words.List one has words with apostrophes, list two has the words without the letters missed out. Match up the word in list one with the correct word in list two.
Set it out in your books like this: isn't = is not

LIST ONE: Where's She'll We'd Didn't They'd
LIST TWO: we had did not where is they had she will

Task Two

Look at the list of words below. The apostrophe shows that some letters are missing. You must write the words in full in your books.
Set it out in your books like this: I'm = I am

a) I've b) You've c) Can't d) Who's e) He's f) Let's g) We're h) That's

Task Three

Possession. If the object belongs to one person then the apostrophe goes before the 's'. If there is more than one person then the apostrophe comes after the 's'
e.g. The dog's bone. (one dog)
The dogs' bone. (two or more dogs)

Copy these sentences into your books, making sure you put the apostrophes in the right place. The words that are in bold need the apostrophes.

1. Shaun picked up Freds pencil case.
2. Julie is going on holiday in a weeks time.
3. The womans eyes were a deep blue.
4. All the princesses were standing together. Everyone looked at the princesses jewels.
5. The family are never late. They like Grans Sunday dinners.
6. The children decided they would meet at Claires house.

Task Four.

Choose a book and look at the first three pages. Write down in your book any words with apostrophes in that you find. Try and write down whether they are missing letter or possession apostrophes.