This ' is an apostrophe. One use is to shorten words. E.g. isn't is a contraction of is not.

Task One

Match the contraction from the list to the words it is made up from.

I will They're
You have I'll
We are You've
You are She's
She is We're
They are You're

Task Two

Write down the contraction for these words -

a. did not

b. will not
c. could not

d. she would

e. it is
f. I would

g. I have

h. we have


Task Three

Write out these contractions in full -

a. aren't b. she'll c. couldn't
d. you're e. let's

f. who's


' are also used to show ownership. When a noun is singular, add s after the apostrophe. E.g. The robin's nest. This tells us the nest belongs to the robin.

Task Four

Write each phrase with an apostrophe to show some kind of ownership.
E.g. The hat of the clown becomes the clown's hat.

  1. The tail of the dog
  2. The coat of Harry
  3. The pouch of the kangaroo
  4. The summit of Mount Everest
  5. The bike of my friend
  6. The watch of the nurse

When the noun is plural, add the apostrophe after the s. E.g. The girls' hats. The s shows that there is more than one girl owning the hats.