Capital Letters

When do you use a capital letter?

  1. A sentence always begins with a capital letter.
  2. A proper noun, like a person's name, begins with a capital letter.
  3. A proper noun, like a place, begins with a capital letter.
  4. Proper nouns, which are SPECIAL names, begin with a capital letter. (Christmas, Easter, June, Monday etc.)

Task One.

Here is the alphabet, copy it and write the correct capital letter underneath.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Task Two.

Copy these sentences into your books. Make sure you put in the capital letters I have missed out.

  1. come in and eat your supper.
  2. can we go out to play?
  3. nobody laughed at my joke.
  4. please shut the door behind you.
  5. do you have to be so loud?

Task Three.

Now you need to look at the sentences for different nouns. I have forgotten all the capital letters. Copy and correct the sentences.

  1. are you going to alsager on sunday?
  2. have you got the time ben?
  3. spain and italy are both countries.
  4. what are you getting for christmas tom?
  5. mrs smith laughed at carl.
  6. paris is the capital of france.
  7. where are jim and bob going?
  8. the river thames is in london.

Challenge: Make a list of things you can see in your class that need a capital letter at the beginning when you write them down. Use a dictionary if you are unsure of the spelling.