Look at this sentence: -

At the farm Peter saw geese and cows and pigs and an old cart.

The sentence does not sound right; there are too many ands.

It should be more like this: -

At the farm Peter saw geese, cows, pigs and an old cart.

In your books, write out these sentences correctly. Take out the extra ands and put in the commas.

  1. The packet contained red and blue and green and yellow felt tips.
  2. At the top of the league were Liverpool and Manchester United and Crewe Alexandra and Carlisle United.
  3. Violins and recorders and drums and guitars were all set out in the music room.
  4. Britain is made up of England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland.
  5. The tube was full of purple and green and yellow and red Smarties.
  6. Tony had sandwiches and crisps and chocolate and cakes in his packed lunch box.
  7. Helen had invited Chris and Terry and Fred and Bill and Charlie and Gary to her birthday party.
  8. The children loved it at the zoo. They saw monkeys and hippos and tigers and lions and a big polar bear.