Copy these sentences, putting in the missing commas. Remember, a comma helps break up longer sentences into smaller parts to make more sense.

  1. A hedgehog is small with a spiny body.
  2. Bob closed his book glad that the maths lesson was over.
  3. The car a red car zoomed past them.
  4. Mum parked in the car park near the bank.
  5. The taller of the two ladies the one with green hair was the one who was shouting.
  6. I would like an ice cream a vanilla one.
  7. Have you seen Sid my little dog?
  8. After stopping for a drink the hikers moved off.



Copy the beginnings of these sentences. Write in a good ending for each one, not forgetting to put in the comma.

  1. To my surprise ............
  2. Even though it was snowing .........
  3. After my tea .............