Connectives and Compound Words

Look at this list of connectives. They are used to link one sentence to another or to extend a sentence.

whoever           whatever                      if                      meanwhile        moreover

nonetheless       for                                while                when                as

therefore           however                       so                     and                   with

although            besides                         but                   since                 consequently

furthermore       henceforward               until                  notwithstanding

whereas            then                              because            whenever          after

nevertheless      yet                                alternatively


Task One.

Some of the connectives above are simple words, others are compound words. (Words made up of more than one word.)

Put the words in the box into two categories:

Simple Words                                 Compound Words

        If                                                      moreover

Task Two.

At the side of your list of compound words, write in brackets the number of words that are within the connective.

Compound Words

Moreover (2)

Task Three.

Look carefully at the compound words. They contain words you are familiar with. Write down each compound word in turn and write down what it actually means. You might find a dictionary helpful here.

E.g. furthermore suggests that there is more information to follow what has already been given.