Punctuation Detective

You are going to use your skills to tell me exactly what punctuation you can find in these sentences. You will set your work out like this:

In this sentence I have found two commas, a semi-colon and an exclamation mark.

Mark went to the shop; then the park to meet Gary, Paul, Bob and Spot (but he wouldn't share his sweets!)





Question Marks


Speech Marks


Exclamation Marks

You are looking for all the punctuation marks listed in the box above. Good Luck!

  • "What a brilliant joke!" said Peter
  • She said nervously, "I'm just a harmless pupil. Why are you trying to confuse me with all this grammar?"
  • "The cabin's on fire! The ship's going to -" Abruptly, all fell silent.
  • My Granada keeps ferrets; my grandmother poisonous snakes.
  • At yesterday's assembly, Mrs Farrall said that she was particularly pleased with the table manners at lunchtime; that the school had won their netball match and that the behaviour in the yard had improved.
  • Mr Pitchford was pleased that all the class were up-to-date.
  • Many workers were late this morning: the fog caused delays on the road.


You have to write a passage from a story (about anything you want.) Your work will be marked according to the number of punctuation marks you use correctly in your passage.