A dictionary is arranged in alphabetical order to help you find words.

These tasks need you to use The Oxford Primary School Dictionary. You should write the answers neatly and carefully (remember that there should be no spelling mistakes as you are using a dictionary!) into your Literacy books.

Task One.

Timed test! How long does it take you to find these words?

Write down the list of words and the page number that you found them on. Do not start timing until you have written the list down. Write your time down underneath the list.







Task Two.

Use your dictionary to create lists of six words on these subjects:

a)               animals

b)               parts of the body

c)               musical instruments

Task Three.

Use the lists you have just made in Task Two and put each list into ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Task Four.

Put these word lists into alphabetical order. Look carefully at the lists, some begin with the same letter.

a)               mountain  b) grow   c) train
hill   grain trap
peak  green trailer
dale  grunt  trance
summit gripe  transport

d)               profile  e) gradient f) catastrophe
profession  grade catamaran
profuse  gradual catapult
profit gradate cathode
professor gradually  Catholic

Extension: Choose five words from the six lists above. Write down what page of the dictionary they are on, and then write the word into a sentence to show you understand what it means.