Here are some questions children have asked about dinosaurs. As you can see, the answers are only notes. Your task today is to change the notes into full sentences, which in turn will make the answers to the questions make sense. Write down the question, then underneath, the full answer.

What was the very first dinosaur?
Eoraptor. Fossils found in 1991. Argentina. Lived 228 million years ago. 1m long. Many old dinosaurs in S. America. Not all found?

What was the biggest dinosaur?
Brachiosaurus is largest complete skeleton. 12m tall, 23m long, 70 tonnes. Longest diplodocus - upto 27m long. Others lived, inc. supersaurus and seismosaurus.

What colour were dinosaurs?
Fossils no use. Look at modern reptiles - dinosaurs similar? Camouflage important, bright colours (be seen/warning). Don't fully know - think of zebra!

What do dinosaur eggs look like?
Unlike modern reptiles. Hard shells. Usually oval shaped. Blunt at one end. Wrinkled shell. Upto 20cm long.