Literacy Task - Direct and Indirect Speech

Read these sentences carefully. They are all examples of indirect speech.

You must copy the sentences neatly into your book and write a sentence underneath it using speech marks like in this example.

The chef told his staff to work faster.

"Work faster!" shouted the chef.

The farmer said one of his cows was going to have a calf.

"One of the cows is going to have a calf," said the farmer to his wife.

Now you must do the same for these sentences.

  1. The policeman said the car was going too fast.
  2. My brother Bob told me he was feeling sick.
  3. Peter could hear Jenny shouting her name from the woods.
  4. Mr Cockcroft told the class that if they behaved they would be going on a trip next week.
  5. Mr Pitchford explained that if the fire alarm sounds there was no need to worry because it was only a test.
  6. Mum told Shane to turn the heater on at 11 o'clock.
  7. Bill was told to sit down or get out by the teacher.
  8. Grandma whispered that she was really hungry to Tom.
  9. Peter Rabbit told Harry Hare to be careful as he had seen Freddy Fox hanging around the vegetable patch.
  10. The fireman said that the fire had started in the kitchen.
  11. You could hear Ted shouting about winning the lottery as he ran up and down the street.
  12. The shopkeeper told Roger to wash the apples before he ate them.
  13. Piglet had to tell Pooh that he had no honey left in the honey pot.
  14. The football manager explained he had dropped the player because he was not fit enough.
  15. Luke told Dave to put the toys away because mum was coming upstairs.


Extension: -

Choose a book and look for examples of indirect speech. Can you list down as many words as you can that give you the clues so you know someone is talking.