Explaining words and meanings.

How would you explain to a visitor from another planet what Literacy Hour is? Could you do it in one sentence, or in six words or even less!

Today you are going to explain, in a set number of words, what an object is or does.
For example: Ruler - straight, measures length.

Task One.
Describe these words in one sentence.

1. Telephone.
2. Banana
3. Pencil crayon
4. Microwave
5. Pokemon

Task Two.
Describe these words using only FIVE words.

1. computer
2. radio
3. toaster
4. chocolate
5. photograph

Task Three.
Underline the three key words in these sentences.

1. The tea was hot in his hands.
2. The pencil was yellow and blue.
3. The teacher was happy with Leon.
4. The lion roared at the antelopes.
5. Charlie and William skipped together.

Thinking about key words (important words), can you use only THREE words to describe:
1. teacher
2. bicycle
3. umbrella
4. handkerchief
5. drainpipe.