We have got to change these nice words!

Look at these sentences. Aren't they boring! The thing is, these are the kind of sentences we all write without thinking about the language we use in our sentences. Your task is to change the underlined words to make the sentences more interesting. After all, you want your sentences to stand out to the teacher!

1. When I got to the fair my mum got me a toffee apple.
2. The flowers looked nice. It was good being at the park.
3. Soon after we leave the shop, we are going to the farm and then the garden centre and then to the nice coffee shop.
4. It was really good at the firework display. The rockets were nice when they exploded.
5. It was a good daydream, but then I realised the teacher was talking to me.
6. The boys thought it was really good at the theme park.
7. All the children thought that Miss. Jewson was a good teacher. She was nice and kind.
8. They all thought it was a good film, but then it got a little silly.


Read the sentences carefully. Even after you have changed them I am sure that they are not that interesting. I would like you to rewrite the sentences completely to make them excellent. One thing to remember, make sure that you keep the original meaning!