Literacy Task - Finding Key Words/Phrases

A key is a device for unlocking doors.

A key word is one which is essential to the meaning of a sentence.

e.g. The snake is a reptile. The snake is a reptile.

The two important key words are snake and reptile

Look at the sentences carefully. Copy the sentence in your book and underline the three key words using a ruler and a coloured pencil.

  1. Sheep give us meat and wool
  2. Birds have wings and feathers.
  3. Gorillas and chimpanzees are kinds of apes.
  4. The thigh bone is called the femur.
  5. The knee bone is called the patella.
  6. Rainfall is measured with a rain gauge.

Do the same again with these sentences, but you must decide how many key words are in the sentences.

  1. The skull is a kind of bony box which protects your brain.
  2. Birds are warm-blooded, but reptiles are cold-blooded.
  3. Swans and ducks are two birds that have webbed feet.
  4. The little baby gurgled happily as she played in the sandpit.
  5. The referee stopped the game because the player had hurt his ankle.

Your final task is to make sentences using these key words about the Human Body. Write your sentences neatly into your books.

1. skin one millimetre thick

2. senses smell sight hearing taste touch

3. twenty-four curved bones rib cage