Double Negatives

Look at this sentence-

The boy did not have no bow.

It does not make sense because it has two negative words (a word that means no) in it. It should say-

The boy did not have a bow.

Task One

Here are the common words we use to demonstrate that something is negative-






We also add the letters n't onto words to make them negative, like doesn't.

Copy these sentences into your books. Underline the negative words in each of these incorrectly written sentences.

1. There isn't no point in going out because it's raining.
2. The referee said that he didn't want no trouble.
3. The burglar claimed that he wasn't nowhere near the house when it was burgled.
4. I don't belong to no swimming club.
5. The crocodile hasn't got no whiskers.
6. The toy robot didn't do nothing when it was wound up.
7. The witness said that she never saw nobody.
8. Roger would never try nothing new.
9. We haven't got no bananas.
10. I never went nowhere yesterday.

Task Two

Now that you have discovered what is wrong with the ten sentences in task one, rewrite them so each sentence is correct.