Revising Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs

Task One

Fill in the missing word as you copy out these three sentences.

Missing words verb, adjective, noun.

  1. An --------- is a describing word. It tells us more about a noun.
  2. A ------ is a naming word. It can be the name of a person, place or thing.
  3. A ------ is a doing word. Every sentence must have one of these.

Task Two - Nouns

Choose the correct noun to complete each sentence.

  1. A (frog/horse) croaks.
  2. A (lion/cow) moos.
  3. A (puppy/kitten) is a baby cat.
  4. A (sheep/bird) flies.

Task Three - Verbs

Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence.

  1. A snake (slithers/swings).
  2. Children (climb/swim) in the sea.
  3. The frog (catches/jumps) flies to eat.
  4. The dog (meowed/barked) at the postman.

Task Four - Adjectives

Choose the correct adjective to complete each sentence.

  1. I had a (heavy/hot) drink with my meal.
  2. The baby was very (heavy/windy).
  3. The fruit was (far/bitter).
  4. Last night it was really (white/cold).


Rearrange these sentences so they are correct. Underline all the verbs.

  1. wanted Some home aliens new a
  2. round alien had The big a body
  3. aliens built rocket The a huge
  4. green flashed off Its eyes three on and