Presenting a Point of View.

Often you will hear people speaking about an 'issue' on television. They are presenting their point of view.

We all have a point of view, but to present it properly you need to be able to see both sides of the argument, the positive things (pros) and negative things (cons).

Your task today (in your literacy group) is to come up with both sides of an argument for one of these issues:

  • The wearing of school uniform.
  • The need for school rules.
  • Hunting wild animals (foxes etc)
  • Keeping animals in circuses and zoos.

Or another issue you have personal views on.

It is helpful to set up a table like this one:

Positive points on the issue

Negative points on the issue

School uniform makes us look smart.

All pupils look the same all the time.


When you have all your ideas together you will need to present your group argument to the rest of the class.