A prefix goes at the beginning of a word and changes it's meaning. There are a number of different prefixes.

Task One.

The prefix un-

This prefix is used to make opposites.

Make these words opposites by adding un-

  1. happy
  2. safe
  3. healthy
  4. pleasant
  5. easy
  6. truthful
  7. tidy
  8. lucky

Task Two.

Using the words you have created in task one, copy and complete these sentences.

  1. A person who tells lies is.....
  2. A classroom that is not neat is .....
  3. A person that worries a lot is ......
  4. Someone who is miserable is ......
  5. Something that is not nice to look at is ......
  6. A person who doesn't feel well is .....
  7. To walk under a ladder is considered ......
  8. Bare wires sticking out from a plug are .....

Task Three.

The prefix dis-

This is usually used to show a reversal in an action or state.

Make new words by adding dis-

  1. appear
  2. loyal
  3. array
  4. agree
  5. continue
  6. infect

Task Four.

Use a dictionary to look up the words you have found in task three and write down a brief definition in your book.

For example: Dishonour means to treat without honour.