A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.

Instead of saying- Graham went to the table and Graham picked up the ruler.

We would say; Graham went to the table and he picked up the ruler.

We have used the pronoun he instead of the noun Graham.

Task One

Look at this list of pronouns -














Copy these sentences, using the pronouns from the box to fill in the missing words.

  1. The children were sad when -------- were told off.
  2. Rachel said that ------ was fed up.
  3. "Do ----- like chips?" "Yes ------ do!"
  4. "Pass the ball to ------," Tom shouted.
  5. Katie asked Harry to give ---- a sweet.
  6. When Dan got home ----- watched television.
  7. "Where is the ball?" "------- is under the chair."
  8. "Come with ------. ------- are going shopping," the girls said.
  9. The birds flew away when the cat chased ------.
  10. Lisa smiled at Dan. ------- smiled back at -------.

Task Two

Copy the sentences. Replace each of the underlined nouns with a pronoun.

E.g. Pick up your book and put your book on the desk.

Pick up your book and put it on the desk.

  1. My sister and I are going on holiday because my sister and I like the sun.
  2. Ben knew exactly what to do when Ben saw the robber.
  3. When the girl walked in the rain the girl got wet.
  4. Mrs Blake gave Tom a hug because Mrs Blake loved Tom.
  5. The race was very important. The race turned out to be very exciting.
  6. After the woman had read the book the woman returned the book to the library.
  7. Ann and I spent the night at a hotel. Ann and I left the next morning.

Task Three

Another type of pronoun is a possessive pronoun. These are used to show when something belongs to somebody.

The common possessive pronouns are -








Use these possessive pronouns to copy and complete these sentences.

  1. The cat belongs to me. It is ---------.
  2. The cat belongs to you. It is -----------.
  3. The green car belongs to him. It is -------------.
  4. You must take the responsibility. The responsibility is --------.
  5. The red van belongs to them. It is ---------.
  6. The books on the table belong to Tim and me. They are ------.
  7. Sally has taken the books that belong to her. They are -------.
  8. I think the blue pencils belong to you. They must be --------.
  9. I found the money so it is ---------- now.
  10. Do these slippers belong to you? Are they -------?