Literacy Task - Question and Exclamation Marks

A sentence which asks a question ends in a question mark ?

Here are some question words: which? Where? Who? What?

e.g. Where is the road to Queen's Park?

A sentence which shows surprise or is a command ends with an exclamation mark !

e.g. Sit down at once Shelly!

Task One.

Read the sentences below. You must copy them neatly into your books and finish them off by adding either a question mark (?) or a full stop (.)

  1. Where do you live Peter
  2. I hope we are on the right road
  3. Are we nearly there Dad
  4. What colour are your eyes
  5. My sister's name is Susan
  6. Please could you help me with my maths
  7. When is your birthday Tracey
  8. Is it nearly time for tea

Task Two.

Read these sentences below. You must copy them neatly into your books and decide if they should end with a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!)

  1. What's the matter with you Shane
  2. Stop that at once
  3. Where is the cinema in Crewe
  4. Can I borrow a pen please
  5. Give me that chocolate
  6. Don't move Kim
  7. Could you tell me the right time please
  8. What a fantastic joke

Task Three.

Look carefully at the sentences below. They are all answers to questions. In your books you must neatly write out the questions you would ask to get these answers.

  1. I think I have left my packed lunch box at school.
  2. It is nearly half past seven.
  3. The answer is ten Mr. Pitchford.
  4. The River Thames is in London.
  5. No Mr. Cockcroft. Elephants don't eat spaghetti.
  6. My favourite drink is lemonade.

Task Four.

Read the passage carefully. You must copy it into your books. Everywhere you see this sign $, you have to replace it with either a question mark or an exclamation mark.

"Mind that log$", shouted Bill.

"What did you say$", replied Ted.

"I said," but it was too late . There was aloud scream from the wood. "Oooww$ My foot, my foot$ How do you know when you've broken a bone Bill$"

Bill ran into the wood to try and find Ted. "Ted$ Ted$ Where are you$"

"I'm over here Bill, HELP$"

Bill eventually found Ted lying by the big log. "You idiot$ I told you to be careful. Why didn't you look where you were going$"

"What are we going to do$"

Task Five.

Think carefully about the things your teacher says in class. Your task is to write down as many questions and command that you can remember. Make sure you put a question mark or exclamation at the end of these sentences.