English Homework:
Advertising Slogans

©1998 Gareth Pitchford

You'll need to watch a small amount of television (or flick through some magazines) to do this homework!

There are lots of adverts on TV and in magazines. Companies fight for your attention in an effort to sell you their products. What adverts can you remember seeing recently on TV? Sometimes the most memorable adverts are the ones where something funny happens in them or the ones that have a catchy theme tune. Often, though, you remember the products featured in the advert because of the phrase used at the end of the advert. the slogan.

On the left of the page is a collection of advertising slogans. Slogans usually come at the end of the advert. "Only.. have the answer" is an example of an advertising slogan.

For your homework I would like you to make a collection of advertising slogans. You could ask members of your family about any they can remember. You could build up your collection from using adverts on TV or in magazines. Bring your collection of slogans into school.