English Homework:
Strange Gods

©1998 Gareth Pitchford

In History you may have learnt about the Roman and Greek gods. Gods of war, goddesses of love, gods of death and destruction, they are all pretty impressive.

For your homework I would like you to think about the gods and goddesses that you don't hear about. The unimpressive gods.

For example:

· Cuppa the God of Tea;

· Éclair the God of Crème Cakes;

· HaychBee the Goddess of Pencils.

Those are gods of silly things.

Make up your own god or goddess to write about. Tell me a bit about them. What do they look like? What are their temples like? What sacrifices, tributes and gifts must you bring to their temples?

Write a short story about your god or goddess. Think back to the Greek and Roman myths you've heard to help you. Maybe your god sets a task for a hero to perform or helps a hero with a quest. Perhaps your story could be about how another god tricked your god or how your god tricked someone else.