Apostrophe Quiz

A Literacy Hour Quiz.

1. Samantha borrowed Julies pencil.

2. Tina, Lucy, Laura and Pat were playing. Jamie crept up and kicked the girls ball.

3. Its my birthday today. Its my mums birthday as well.

4. He got his ball out. Greg kicked it really hard and it went through Miss Lomas window.

5. I didnt hear what the teacher said so I couldnt do the work.

6. Were going to Spain on holiday. Im going to take James camera.

7. I told Bob that he shouldnt steal but he still took Lucys apple. He hid it in his sisters coat.

8. My two brothers were playing with their toys. I asked if my mum if I could play with my brothers but she said I couldnt.

9. My dads hobby is swimming. Were going to the swimming baths on Friday and Im allowed to wear my big brothers goggles.

10. Youre not coming to my party. I dont want you to spoil my party like you did James.

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