Explanations 2

Imagine that you’re an author that is writing a book called, "Children at school".

Choose one of the tasks below.

(Remember that you have to write as an observer. You need to be detached. Don’t write, "You need to draw a picture.", write instead, "The child draws a picture.")

Writing A Story

Explain how children in school write a story.

Go through all the processes from planning, draft etc through to final copy.

The Literacy Hour

Explain what the Literacy Hour is about.

Write about the various parts of the lesson and the things that the children and the teacher do during the lesson.

A Normal Day at School

Explain what a child does during a typical day at school. Imagine that your writing for someone who knows nothing about school in the Britain.

Jobs in School

Explain the various jobs that you can do in schools.

You could explain what a teacher, caretaker, lunchtime assistant ("Dinner Lady"), school secretary, classroom assistant etc. has to do.