The Labours of Heracles - Part Two
Illustrated by Gareth Pitchford
Euryatheus set Heracles his second task. He told Heracles to go and kill the Hydra.
Heracles and his friend Iolaus set out to hunt the Hydra. When they reached the cave where it lived they saw that the Hydra was merely a large crocodile like creature.
Heracles surprised the Hydra and chopped off its head with a mighty swing of his sword.
However the Hydra didn't die. It grew two heads to replace the one that was lost instead!
Heracles kept on chopping off the Hydra's heads. But for every one it chopped off two more grew in its place. Soon the Hydra had a lot more heads than it started out with!
Heracles had an idea. He knew how to stop the heads growing back. Each time he sliced off a head...
...his friend Iolaus used a torch to burn the Hydra's neck so that the head wouldn't grow back.
Eventually the Hydra was left without any heads and it was a simple task for Heracles to kill it.
©1999 Gareth Pitchford. All Rights Reserved.