King Midas was a foolish and greedy man. He wanted to be the richest man in the world.
One day an old satyr came to King Midas' palace. Midas recognised him as Silenus, a friend of the god Dionysus.
Instead of sending Silenus away King Midas invited him to stay and enjoy his hospitality.
The god Dionysus was pleased Midas has helped his friend and offered to grant Midas a wish.
King Midas wishes that everything he touched would turn to gold. Then he would be the richest man in the world.
The god kept his promise and sure enough, everything Midas touched turned to gold. He went around his palace using his new power.
But Midas' wish turned against him. He found that he couldn't eat or drink as his food and wined turned to gold when he touched it!
Midas begged Dionysus to remove the spell. Dionysus told Midas how he could get rid of the gift.
Midas washed his 'golden touch' away in the river Pactolus. Even now the soil along the riverbank has a golden gleam.
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