Write these lists out using commas where appropriate.

1. Jake bought an apple and two bananas and some sugar and a pineapple.

2. Mary looked in the cupboard. In the cupboard was some bread and some butter and a bone and a can of dog food.

3. Tony had two marbles and a piece of string and a stone in his pocket.

4. At the Circus Ryan saw a clown and a lion and a juggler and a lot of other things.

5. Jane had forgotten the washing powder and the peanuts and the yoghurts.

6. There were sweets and presents and toys in the sack.

7. Lions and tigers and monkeys and penguins and elephants live at the zoo.

8. Robert got his bat and ball. He put it in his bag along with his trainers and his shorts and his T-shirt.

9. Susan tidied up the garden. She put the rake and the spade and the hose in the shed. She put the wheelbarrow and the bike and the pool in the garage.

10. Joe loved to go to the park with his friends Tanya and Jason and Fiona and Colin.


Lists 2

Write the lists out again using commas and fill in the missing words.


1. John bought __ orange and __ lemon and __ grapefruit.

2. For dinner Jack had __ sausages and __ beans and __ chips.

3. At the circus Bob saw __ clowns and __ tiger and __ lions and __ elephant.

4. Jane had __ hat and coat and gloves on.

5. Peter carefully opened the drawer. He took __ photo-album and __ photos and __ scrapbook out of it.

6. James went out to play with Jane and Peter and __ cousin.

7. Tony gave __ book and ___ reading record and __ pencil to his mum.

8. There was __ rubbish and __ toys and __ books on Naomi’s bedroom floor.

9. Lucy bought __ packet of flour and __ butter and __ milk and __ egg for her mum to make a cake with.

10. Jason won __ picture, __ album and __ book in the school raffle.