Finding interesting words for said.

  1. "I love it!" said Julie.
  2. "Why can't I go?" said Harry.
  3. " I would love to go to the beach," said Hannah.
  4. "It really hurts!" said Tom.
  5. "You take the first turning on the left," said Kim.
  6. "Oh no!" said William.
  7. "Maybe a ladder would help," said John.
  8. "I don't want to go," said Sarah.
  9. "Please can I have some sweets? I promise I'll be good," said Kevin.
  10. "Come here this minute," said Bill's mum.
  11. "We must be very quiet," said Alex.
  12. "Wait for me!" said Kay.
  13. "That swing is very dangerous," said the man.
  14. "Well done!" said the teacher.
  15. "Hooray!" said the children.

Think of some more interesting words for said. Put them into suitable sentences.