Moving Around

A. Make up a sentence to describe what is happening in each of the pictures.

B. Use a thesaurus to find other words for moving around.


More Thesaurus Work

A. Copy out these sentences. Use your thesaurus to change the underlined word into a more interesting one.

1. Bob was happy because he didn’t have any homework to do.

2. The joke made Samantha laugh.

3. Rachel was pleased that she got full marks in her spelling test.

4. Denise was sad because she’d lost her doll.

5. Tony was hungry because he hadn’t eaten all day.

B. In each question split the words into two groups where they mean the same thing.

1. Big, small, large, tiny, huge, massive, minute, teeny-weeny, enormous, large, monstrous, miniature, gigantic, little, immense, petite, colossal;

2. Tall, short, compact, squat, giant, stubby, towering, lofty;

3. Fast, slow, speedy, brisk, dawdling, sluggish, quick, swift, rapid, lumbering;

4. Cry, laugh, weep, snivel, titter, whimper, chuckle, guffaw, blubber, giggle, sob;