Tell me why

Write explanations to answer some of these questions. You may answer them in any order you wish.

  • Why do you wipe your feet before you come into the house?
  • Why do you wear a hat, gloves and a scarf in the winter?
  • Why do people borrow books from a library?
  • Why do you use a knife and fork to eat?
  • Why/How do people recycle?
  • Why are there pictures in children’s books?
  • Why do houses have windows?
  • Why do we wear shoes?
  • Why do people live in houses?
  • Why are dictionaries in alphabetical order?
  • What should you do if you’re lost?
  • How does a pencil work?
  • How do you tell the time?
  • How do you make a pond?
  • How does a bicycle work?
  • Why do cars have registration plates?

Some of the questions seem really easy to answer but if you think about things carefully you’ll find that the answer can be quite detailed and complicated.

Don’t just tell me the answers to the questions. Try and work in some more information and detail about the subject as well.

After you’ve answered a few of the questions above then you may think of your own.