Literacy Task: Exploring Sentences – Changing the order of words

Groups __________________ do just the A sections of this sheet.

Groups _________________________ do just the B sections.

Groups ________________________ do both sections of the sheet.

Task 1 – Put these words in the correct order so that the sentences make sense.

A -

1. next I do What should?

2. homework done Lisa her hadn’t.

3. running dog was The.

4. the mum Tony shops went and his to.

BFind as many ways as you can.

1. "the to would see Queen like I," man the said.

2. with trouble brother Robert big his got into.

3. tea scrambled Paul eggs had for.

4. my me help pencil find Please to.

Task 2 – Change the order of the words so sentences have the same meaning


1. On Tuesday James went to the shops.

2. Lucy’s sister was called Monica.

3. The big man was Tony’s father.

BThink up as many examples as you can.

1. Please go and get your book out.

2. "Can you pass me the salt, please?" said Mum.

3. Robert’s favourite groups were Boyzone and the Spice Girls.

Task 3 - Change the order of words so each sentence has a different meaning. You can add or remove punctuation.


1. Mark hit Bob.

2. Can you help me?

3. James’ dad was called George.

4. Do I need to use a ruler?

BThink up as many examples as you can.

1. Here is your ruler.

2. Should I go and tell the teacher?

3. Do cats eat fish?

4. I don’t believe it!

5. I would like to go to the farm.

6. Robert’s favourite groups were Boyzone and the Spice Girls.

7. The policeman asked the girl to show him where the robber was. (Try for at least five ways on this one!)

You’ve reached here? Well done!

Challenge – Unscramble this story.

car red Bob a had. car loved his playing with He. a great was It car. day One he shopping out went. him car had with He his. sweet went to He shop into the for buy sweets mum some his. When find home he car couldn’t got he his. had He it the sweet left shop in! back shop He the to went. shopkeeper car seen He if the he’d asked the. found jar of shopkeeper Luckily the had sweets the car in the. it noticed dropped that Bob hadn’t he’d!


Finished? Checked your work? Looking for something to do? Make up your own sentences and change the order of the words.