Rules for Writing

  • Remember to underline your date and titles.
  • Start every sentence with a capital letter.
  • End your sentence with a full stop or a question mark.
  • Read your sentences carefully to make sure they make sense.
  • Make sure that you copy words correctly if they are in the text book or on the board.
  • If you are writing the answer to a question, you can often make an answer by swapping the order of the words.
  • Do not start with "Because...".
  • Try not to write "and" or "then" too often.

Creative Writing

  • Think carefully about what you want to write.
  • Try not to start "Once upon a time..." or "One day...".
  • Think of something different.
  • Remember, a story has a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Remember to use the rules for writing.
  • Try to use more adjectives (describing words). This will make your writing more interesting to read.
  • If you need a spelling, use your word book, the language bank, or a dictionary to help. Try to write the word yourself. Underline it on your first draft, and check it when you have finished.