Egyptian Entertainment

Games for Adults
Egyptians liked to play games together. They played: dice, knuckle-bones and checkers. They also played a game called senet, which was like snakes and ladders.

1. Write down the names of two games that the Egyptians played.
2. Which game was a bit like snakes and ladders?

Childrens' Games
Little children had toys like balls, dolls, animals and spinning tops. These were made out of wood and fabric. Older children liked shooting arrows at targets, wrestling and playing a game like piggy- back.

3. Write down the names of three toys the children played with.
4. Were the toys made out of plastic?
5. Write down one thing that the older children liked to do.

Egyptian Parties
They loved music and played the harp, lute and flute. Dancers beat a small rattle called a sistra when they danced to the music. Guests at the party often wore a cone of scented grease on their heads. This slowly melted and dripped down their faces, which cooled them down.

6. Name two instruments that the Egyptians played.
7. What is a sistra?
8. Where did they wear the cones of grease?