Decimal Fractions

  1. Write down the value of each of the underlined digits in the questions below.
  1. 2.412, The underlined digit stands for…….
  2. 5.863
  3. 3.512
  4. 8.234
  5. 13.21 (Think carefully about this one)

2. Write down the decimal fraction equivalent to:

  1. two tenths, six hundredths and eight thousandths
  2. three tenths, five hundredths and seven thousandths
  3. nine tenths, three hundredths and four thousandths
  4. two units and five tenths
  5. three units, five tenths and six hundreths
  6. four units, six tenths and three thousandths
  7. thirteen and seven tenths
  8. twenty two, eight tenths and five hundredths
  9. two hundred and twenty six, five tenths, two hundredths and three thousandths
  10. Think really carefully about these next five!

  11. fourteen and twenty-five hundredths
  12. two and five hundred and fifty thousandths
  13. eighty and forty-two hundredths
  14. nine, five tenths and twenty-four hundredths
  15. four hundred and nine, four hundred and nine thousandths