How long does it take?
by Suzie Wilson

What did you do?

How long did it take?

(Seconds or minutes)

Estimate how long it would take.


Read a page from a book.


To read three pages it would



Wrote my name


To write my name four times it

would take_________________


Walked around the playground.


To walk around the playground twice it would take me




Put my jumper on and then took it off again.


To do this three times it would

take me ___________________


Count up to 60 in my head.


To do this twice it would take




Say my 5 times table up to

10 x 5 = 50.


To say the 5 times table 5 times

it would take _______________


Count in 10s up to 1000


To do this twice it would take



Do not forget to write down the time that you have measured in.

Have you used just seconds or both minutes and seconds?