Word Problems from The Fair

1) There are 3 bumper cars. Each car holds 2 people. How many people altogether?

2) 3 boys go on a ride. It costs 10p a ride. How much did it cost altogether? How much change would they get if they paid with a 50p coin?

3) Mark, Rob and Darren went to the fair. Mark and Rob went on the ghost train. It cost 45p each. How much did it cost altogether? How much change did they get from a 1 coin?

4) Darren bought a toffee apple for 55p. How much change did he get from his 2 coin?

5) Darren is in the queue for the waltzers. He is fifth from the back and there are 22 people in the queue. How many people are in front of him?

6) In order to go on the roller coaster you have to be 1.5m tall. Darren is 161cm, Rob is 148cm and Mark is 135cm. Who can go on the ride? How much more do the others need to grow before the fair returns to town?

7) The roller coaster holds 6 people in a carriage. There are 8 carriages. How many people will be on a full ride?

8) If the same roller coaster is only a quarter full, how many people are on it?

9) Darren has spent all his money. He spent 55p on a toffee apple, 75p on the waltzers, 90p on the roller coaster and 35p on the slot machines. How much money did he start with?

10) Rob had three times as much money as Darren. How much did he start with?

11) Mark had exactly 1.50 more than Darren. How much did he start with?

12) How much did the three of them have altogether when they came to the fair?