The Fair

1) There are 3 bumper cars. Each car holds 2 people. How many people can go on the ride altogether? ______

2) 3 boys go on a ride. It costs 10p a ride. How much did it cost altogether? _____________

How much change would they get if they paid with a £1 coin? _____________

3) Mark and Rob went on the ghost train. It cost 20p each. How much did it cost altogether? _____________

4) Darren bought a toffee apple for 55p. How much change did he get from his £1 coin? _____________

5) The roller coaster holds 5 people in a carriage. There are 4 carriages. How many people will be on a full ride? _____________

6) Darren went on the waltzers. One go is 50p. How much did it cost for him to go on twice? _____________

7) As Tom is a child, he can go on the roller coaster half price. The normal price is 40p. How much does he need to pay? _____________

8) Darren spent 49p on the slot machines. He finished with 4p. How much money did he start with? _____________

9) Tom went on the dodgems 6 times. Each time cost 19p. How much did he spend altogether? _____________

10) They all started to walk home at 4:10pm. They arrived home at 5 o'clock. How long did it take them to get back? _____________

12) Rob bought two teddies at £1.99 each. If he paid for them with a £5 note, how much change did he get back?