Word Problems from The Football Match

1. Gareth goes to watch Leicester play Fulham at Filbert Street. He sets off from home at 2:05 and arrives at Filbert Street at 2:30. How long does it take him to get there?

2. He travels on a bus that is exactly half full. The number allowed on a full bus is 54. How many were on the bus?

3. Outside he joins the other home fans supporting Leicester. He pays 5.50 as a junior. A senior has to pay one and a half times this to get in. How much does a senior pay?

4. He goes to the club shop. He buys a magazine (1.25), a new scarf (3.50) and the new away kit socks (2.30). Can he pay with his 5 note? How much more does he need to add onto his 5 to pay for his things?

5. Gareth is hungry. He only has 2 left. What two items could he buy? Hot Dog 1.25 Soup 1.10 Hamburger 1.30 Fish 1.25 Cheeseburger 1.35 Crisps 0.50 Chips 0.65 Cans 0.70

6.Leicester are seventh in the league. Fulham are eight places below them. Where are Fulham in the league?

7.Fulham have scored 34 goals, but conceded 43. What is their goal difference?

8.The game lasts ninety minutes. There are three minutes added in the first half and six minutes in the second half. The half time break is fifteen minutes long. If the game kicked off at 15:02, when will the referee blow the final whistle?

9. Gareth finds himself in a long queue for the bus home. There are 123 people in front of him and 35 people behind him. How many people are waiting for a bus? There are only single-decker buses running. Each holds 35 people. How many buses will fill and move on before Gareth can get on?

10. He arrives home at 19.22. How long has he been out of the house?