The Football Match

1. Fred goes to watch a football match. He sets off from home at 2pm and arrives at 2:30pm. How long does it take him to get there? ___________________

2. He travels on a bus. The ticket costs 35p. How much change does he get from 50p?_________________

3. Fred arrives at St. James' Park. His ticket is £5, and his dad's ticket is double that price. How much does his dad's ticket cost? ___________________

4. He goes to the shop. He buys a new scarf (£3) and the new socks (£4). How much are the things to buy? ___________________

5. Fred is hungry. He buys a Hot Dog at 75p and a chocolate bar at 20p. How much does it cost altogether? ___________________

How much change does he get from £1? ____________

6.Sunderland are 7th in the league. Newcastle are 8 places below them. Where are Newcastle in the league? ___________________

7. Sunderland have scored 40 goals, but let in 23. What is their goal difference? ___________________

8.The game lasts 90 minutes. The half time break is 15 minutes long. How long is it from Kick-off to the final whistle? ___________________