Word Problems from the Wildlife Park

1. There are some bison in a field. 16 more come into the field. I can now see 67. How many were there to start with?

2. In the ice pool there are 12 pairs of penguins. How many penguins altogether? Half the pairs have two chicks, the other half have one chick. How many penguins and chicks altogether?

3. There are half as many seal cubs as penguin chicks. How many seal cubs are there?

4. There are 24 zebra in the enclosure. There are six times that many in the wildlife park in different fields. How many zebras are in the fields? How many zebras altogether?

5. If an elephant eats 4 bags of hay a day. How many bags will it eat in a) a fortnight, b) a month and c) a year?

6. A bag of hay weighs 75g. How much will an elephant eat in a week?

7. It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to go round the park without stopping. The Ross family stops for 10 minutes to watch the lions feed, 15 minutes to let the antelope cross and spend 35 minutes eating lunch. How long does their visit take them?

8. It costs 3.50 per adult and 2.25 per child to get into the park. How much would it cost a family of 2 adults and 3 children to get in? List the coins/notes they could use to pay exactly.

9. The Indian python is 1.7m long. How long would 4 pythons measure if they were placed end to end?

10. The African python is 2.2m long. What is the difference between the two pythons?

11. Food to feed the goats costs 70p per packet. If 4 boys and 6 girls each bought two bags each, how much was spent altogether?

12. The tiger's pen is a perfect square. The perimeter is 240m. How long is each side of the pen?

13. A hippo eats 10kg of cabbage a day. An average cabbage is 200g. How many cabbages does the hippo eat a day?

14. The deer are kept in a square enclosure that is 81 square metres. How long is each side?

15. There are 534 animals to feed every two hours. What is the name of the keeper who feeds the bears?