A class of children went on a school visit. They were allowed to spend their money in the shop. Here are some of the things that were on sale in the shop.

pen    40p                       pencil  25p                              ruler  60p

rubber  15p                    wallet  £1.00                           key-ring  90p

pencil case  £1.50                   lollipop  10p                           sharpener  35p


1)    How much would two pencils cost?

2)    What is the total cost of a pen and a rubber?

3)    How much change out of £1.00 would you get if you bought a key-ring?

4)    One of the children bought a pencil case and paid with three coins. What could they have been?

5)    Simon bought a rubber, a sharpener and two lollipops. How much did he spend?

6)    Julie bought a key-ring and a  ruler. How much change did she get from £2.00?


1)    What is the total cost of a pencil case, a pencil and a pen?

2)    How many sharpeners could you buy with £1.00?

3)    James bought a wallet, a pencil case, a rubber and two pencils.

How much change did he get from £4.00?

4)    What is the total cost of ten pencils?

5)    What would you buy from the shop if you had a) 50p  b) £1.00 

c) £3.50? Show how much you spend and the change that you would get.