Units Assessment

Draw a circle around the correct units in this diary.

I bought a 50 (PINT, MILE, GRAM) bar of chocolate

7am - I had a wash in 3 ( SECONDS, LITRES, MILES ) of water.

7.30am - For breakfast I had 200 ( KILOGRAMS, PINTS, GRAMMES ) of cereal, with 100 ( PINTS, MILLILITRES, METRES ) of milk. I also had a cup of tea, with ½ a ( GRAM, INCH, PINT ) of sugar in it.

8.10am - I had to run for the bus today. The bus stop is 100 ( METRES, MILES, KILLOGRAMS ) away from my house. School starts in ½ an ( MILE, HOUR, YARD).

11.00am - During break I shared out a LITRE bottle of lemonade, between five glasses. We each had 200 ( LITRES, MILLILITRES, TONNES ) of lemonade, to drink.

3.15pm - This afternoon we had P.E. I kicked the football 14 ( OUNCES, FEET, KILOMETRES ).

4.30pm - My brother is running in an Athletics competition this evening. He is running in the 1500 ( METRES, KILOMETRES, GRAMMES ). He can run that distance in 25 ( FEET, TONNES, SECONDS ). My brother is taller than me. He is 6 ( CENTIMETRES, MILES, FEET, INCHES, METRES ) high.

7.30pm - The road outside our house looks like a river! The main water pipe has burst and there are ( MILLILITRES, YARDS, GALLONS ) of water gushing down the road.

7.45pm - I am going to watch a film on TV. It is 1 ½ ( MINUTES, HOURS, SECONDS ) long.

9pm - I have just weighed my pet gerbil, Gerald. Well, I tried to weigh him, but he jumped off the scales just as the arrow reached 250 ( KILOGRAMS, GRAMMES, POUNDS ).

9.30pm - Time for bed! I have to get up in 10 ( METRES, MINUTES, HOURS )