The parts of a plant / What plants need to grow

Teacher's Notes

Roots -> Take in water and food (mineral salts) from soil. Anchors plants. The roots of a plant are spread out.

Stem -> "Like a straw", transports water through plant. Raises the height of flowers and leaves. Brings closer to light. Structural. The stem is made up of little tubes.

Leaves -> Different shapes. Almost always green but sometimes covered with another colour such as red. Green substance in leaves -> chlorophyll. Leaves make food for the plant. To do this they need the water and mineral salts obtained from the soil. They are carried inside little veins in the leaf. To make food leaves also need sunshine and CO2.

Flowers - > Flowers produce seeds which form new plants.

Space and warmth also needed for a plant to grow.

The parts of a plant

Roots - Stem - Leaves - Flowers

The _______ of a plant produce seeds which form new plants.

The _____ make the food for the plant. They take the water and mineral salts and use them together with sunlight and carbon-dioxide to make food.

The ____ is like a straw. It moves water around the plant. It raises the leaves and flowers of the plant off the ground.

The ____take in water and mineral salts from the soil. They anchor the plant into the ground.